Munch at Froth Menu

  • Munch on These

  • Fries



    Coated french fries, parmesan and herbs

  • Soft Pretzels

    Soft Pretzels


    4 pretzels with Garlic Parm butter, pretzel salt, served with queso

  • Nachos



    House smoked pork, queso, salsa, tiger sauce, cilantro, pickled jalapenos and red onion

  • Chicken Digits

    Chicken Digits


    Panko crusted chicken tenders, your choice of sauce (hot, medium, mild, garlic parm,
    hot cajun BBQ) served with fries

  • Munch Poutine

    Munch Poutine


    Braised beef short rib, cheese curds, truffle, garlic parm butter, fresh herbs, gravy and fries

  • Munch on These Cont'd

  • Pickle Fries

    Pickle Fries


    Battered dill pickles with sriracha ranch

  • Chips and house made queso

    Chips and house made queso


    Tortilla chips, spicy queso

  • The Last Dragon Tacos

    The Last Dragon Tacos


    Braised short rib, house made Napa Kimchi, Furikake, pickled red onions, chopped peanuts and

    tiger sauce

  • Spring Rolls

    Spring Rolls


    House Chili sauce, 3 crispy fried egg rolls

  • Sandwiches

  • Southern Slam Pig Pulled Pork Sandwich


    House smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, fire and ice pickles, coleslaw on a toasted brioche roll

    served with house chips

  • Munch Burger

    Munch Burger


    Twin 4oz beef patties, LTOP, american cheese, Cattle Lube, served with house chips

  • Spicy Mutha Clucka

    Spicy Mutha Clucka


    Pickle brined fried chicken breast, Nashville sauce, coleslaw, dill pickles, toasted brioche roll, served with house chips

  • Sandwiches Cont'd

  • Slide on in Playa

    Slide on in Playa


    3 Shaved prime rib sliders, caramelized onions, provolone, horsey sauce, weck roll, served with house chips

  • Kid's Menu

  • Kids Grilled Cheese


    Grilled Cheese served with fries or chips on the side

  • Kids Mac and Cheese


    Mac and Cheese served with fries or chips on the side

  • Kid's Menu Cont'd

  • Kids Chicken Fingers

    Kids Chicken Fingers


    Chicken Fingers served with fries or chips on the side

  • Kids Burger


    4oz patty, american cheese, toasted roll

  • Specials

  • Specials

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